September 18, 1989

The Commission wishes to inform that case No 9597 was presented to the Commission on June 26, 1985, on behalf of Mr. Einstein Louison, former Vice Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff of the Army during the Government of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop. On May 2l, l985, the Grenadian Government seized the passport of Mr. Louison, then an executive member of the Maurice Bishop Patriotic Movement (MBPM), leader of the Maurice Bishop Youth Organization (MBYO) and a former candidate in the December 1984 elections. Mr. Louison's passport was seized at Point Salines international airport as he was intended to leave Grenada to attend a Congress in East Germany and then visit his wife, a Cuban citizen, who was expelled from Grenada by the U.S. Armed Forces in October 1983 and was residing in Cuba.

Mr. Louison exhausted his domestic remedies by taking the matter on June 7, l985, to the Supreme Court of Grenada alleging that the seizure was illegal, unconstitutional, and a violation of his human rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. The Supreme Court on September 27, l985, rejected his claim.

The Government of Grenada informed the Commission that Mr. Einstein Louison's passport had been handed back to him on December 22, 1988.