April 16, l986


  1. The petition received by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on April 9, l984, according to which:

    JULIO AGUILAR PINEDA, 39 years of age, a farmer and resident in the El Golfo area, District of El Cuás, Department of Jinotega, was accused of being a counterrevolutionary by Juan and Germán Blandón. He left his house on September 13, l983 and was arrested in Matagalpa. His family members were informed that he had been imprisoned in the Las Tejas Commando of the city of Matagalpa, where his arrest was denied. A search has also been made for him in the prisons of the Zona Franca, but no positive results have been obtained.

  2. The transmission of the pertinent parts of this petition to the Government of Nicaragua, under the note of June 18, l984, requesting it to provide such information as it deemed pertinent, as well as any information that would make it possible to ascertain whether, in the case that is the subject matter of this request, the remedies of domestic law had been exhausted.

  3. The communication of January 23, l985 which repeated the request for information of June l8, l984.

  4. The repetition of the request for information made in the note of February 27, l986, which informed the Government of Nicaragua that, should such information not be provided within a period of thirty days pursuant to Article 42 of the Regulations, the facts reported would be considered to be true.