Communication 1941 (Uruguay)

1941 , of April 23, 1975, received on May 2, denounces a number of arbitrary arrests in various places in Uruguay, mentioning certain specific cases.

The Secretariat acknowledged receipt of this communication on May 28, 1975.

The Commission examined this denunciation during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and decided the following:

a) To instruct the Secretariat to study this file, and to request information from the Government of Uruguay in those instances where the events denounced meet the requirements provided for in Articles 33 and 54 of the Regulations and,

b) To request the claimant to supplement the denunciation on the other cases that not meet those requirements.

Having examined the denunciation the Secretariat found that the processing provided for Articles 42 and 44 or the Regulations was not in order in view of the fact that some of the concrete cases included in this file were already being processed before the  Government of Uruguay and that as for the other cases, the claimant should be asked to provide adequate data to supplement the complaints.

In view of the foregoing, through a letter dated September 12, 1975, the claimant was asked to supplement the denunciation.

During its thirty-sixth session (October 1975), the Commission continued its examination of case 1941, and decided to postpone examination thereof until its next session, once claimant had had  the opportunity to provide the supplementary data requested of him.