Communication 1940 (Chile)

1940, received in the Secretariat on May 21, 1975, handed in by Professor Manuel Bianchi, a member of the Commission, denounces the arrest of Mr. Jaime Mauricio Buzio Lorca on July 13, 1974, in Santiago, by agents of the DINA; the place where this individual is being held is allegedly not known. A writ of habeas corpus was filed before the Eighth Court of Santiago, the only result being confirmation of the fact that the individual in question was in fact being held.

On May 21, the Commission acknowledged receipt to the claimant.

The Commission considered this communication during the course of the thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and decided to address the Government of Chile to request information on the matters denounced, in accordance with the Regulations.

Pursuant to this decision a note was sent to the Government of Chile on August 6, 1975. On August 22 the claimant was informed of the measures taken in connection with the case.

In a communication dated September 26, 1975, the claimant provided additional information on the case, confirming that to date the whereabouts of the victim of the alleged violation denounced to the Commission were not known. The communication in question was accompanied by a photostatic copy of a report from the Ministry of Interior to the effect that there was no information on record of the arrest of Mr. Buzio Lorca.

For its part, the Government of Chile through a note dated September 30, 1975 (No. 18188), replied to the Commission by informing it that all possible inquiries before competent organisms had been made, that there was no background information on record to the effect that this individual had been arrested or tried.

The Commission examined case 1940 during its thirty-six session (October 1975) together with the information provided by the Government of Chile and the claimant. It decided to transmit to the claimant the pertinent parts of the information provided by the Government of Chile.

Pursuant to that decision a note was sent to claimant on November 4, 1975.