Communication 1937 (Chile)

1937, of May 13, 1975 denounces the arrest of Mr. Hugo Rivera Scott, an artist and former Professor at the University of Valparaíso, in Viña del Mar on February 26, 1975. The claimant alleges that Mr. Rivera Scott was physically tortured and deprived of his civil and human rights and that at the time of the denunciation, the individual arrested was allegedly being held in the jail in Valparaíso.

The Commission considered this case during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and decided to address the Government of Chile to request information on the matter denounced in the complaint, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of the Regulations.

Pursuant to this decision, a note was sent to the Government of Chile on August 5, 1975.

During the thirty-sixth session (October 1975) the Commission looked into the status of the case, and noted that the Government of Chile had not yet provided the information the Commission had requested. However, since the period of time provided for under Article 51 of the Regulations had not yet elapsed, it was decided to postpone examination of the case until its next session.

In a note of November 18, 1975 (No. 21510), the Government of Chile replied to the Commission's request filed on August 5, reporting that the individual referred to in the denunciations being held in Valparaíso jail under case No. 3550/2369, according to official notice No. 1595/557 of the First Naval District, of June 27, 1975.