Communication 1936 (Chile)

1936, of May 15, 1975, denounces the arrest of Mr. Felipe Ramírez Ceballos (former Minister of Government under the government of Presidente Salvador Allende) who is allegedly being held in a Santiago jail, and who is in poor health. The arrest was made in October 1973.

The Commission took up this case during the course of its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and decided to address a cable to the Government of Chile during the course of that session, requesting information on this case.

Pursuant to this decision, a cable was sent to the Government on May 27, 1975. On August 22 the claimant was informed of the measures taken in connection with the denunciation.

During the thirty-sixth session (October 1975), the Commission looked into the status of the case, and noted that the Government of Chile had not replied to its request for information filed on May 27. However, in view of the fact that the period provided for under Article 51 of the Regulations is still in course, it decided to postpone examination of the case until its next session.