Communication 1935 (Uruguay)

1935, of May 11, 1975, enclosed information on 177 cases of alleged violations of human rights in Uruguay.

The Secretariat acknowledged receipt through a letter dated May 16, 1975.

The Commission examined this communication during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and appointed Dr. Genaro R. Carrri� as rapporteur in order to study the case and formulate observations on appropriate handling thereof.

The rapporteur presented an oral report during that same session, on the basis of which the Commission decided the following:

a) To request the Government of Uruguay to provide the appropriate information with regard to the specific cases referred to in the denunciation which met the requirements set forth in the Regulations.

b) To request the claimant to provide additional information on those points that did not meet all the requirements provided for in the Regulations.

c) To separate from this file information or events concerning individuals already included in other files.

Pursuant to point a), a note was sent to the Government of Uruguay on August 7, 1975. A copy of that note was sent to the Uruguayan Mission to the OAS on August 18. In a letter dated September 15, 1975, the claimant was asked to supplement the denunciation on those points agreed upon by the Commission.

During its thirty-fifth session (October 1975) the Commission continued examination of case 1975, and appointed Dr. Genaro R. Carri� as rapporteur to recommend the measures that should be taken in connection with the case. On the basis of recommendation made by the rapporteur, the Commission decided to request the Government of Uruguay to provide information on the status of Mr. Miguel Rodr�guez Machado, Mr. Erroll Gonella and Miss Teresa Mairorana.

Pursuant to that decision the Commission addressed the Government of Uruguay in a note dated December 1, 1975. A copy of that note was sent to the Uruguayan Mission to the OAS in December of 1975. The claimant was informed of the decision through a letter dated January 12, 1976.