Communication 1934 (Chile)

1934, of May 9, 1975, is accompanied by 48 statements authenticated before a Notary Public on 74 concrete cases of violations of human rights in Chile, especially the right to protection against arbitrary arrest.

In a note of May 16, 1975, the Commission acknowledged receipt to the claimant.

The Commission considered this communication during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and it appointed Mr. Robert F. Woodward as rapporteur for the case so that, after having made an examination of each one of the cases referred to in this denunciation, he might formulate such recommendation as he deems appropriate on classifications and initial processing, in order to determine whether these should be considered as individual cases or as information for consideration during examination of the general situation of human rights in Chile.

The rapporteur presented an oral report of the 433rd meeting on the basis of which the Mission decided the following:

a) To instruct the Secretariat to determine whether information had already been request from the Government of Chile with regard to: 15 cases of individuals arrested prior to July 27, 1974; 18 cases of individuals arrested between July 27, 1974 and the 9th and 30 of September 1974, and 6 cases of individuals who had died.

b) To address a note to the Government of Chile requesting information on the cases involving prisoners and individuals alleged to be dead with regard to whom proceedings had not begun and

c) To file that part of the denunciation referring to cases of individuals already released by the Government of Chile.

Pursuant to these decisions and having made a study of the case with the cooperation of the rapporteur, Mr. Robert F. Woodward, the Commission addressed the Government of Chile, through a note dated August 5, 1975, requesting information (Articles 42 and 44 of the Regulations) with regard to: 35 cases of individuals against whom there are no concrete charges and who have been held since October 16, 1973; 13 cases of individuals against whom there are allegedly concrete charges, and 5 cases of individuals arrested who died while being deprived of their freedom.

In a communication of August 25, the claimant was informed of the measures taken in connection with the case.

At the thirty-sixth session, the Commission considered the status of the case and taking into account that the request for information filed on August 5, 1975, was still in effect, it decided to postpone examination of the until its next session, when it should have the information to be provided by the Government of Chile.