Communication 1933 (Chile)

1933, of May 8, 1975, denounces the arrest of Mr. José Luis Verdejo, in the city of Arica on September 20, 1973.

In a note of May 13, 1975, the Commission requested the Government of Chile to provide appropriate information. A copy of that request was transmitted to the Delegation of Chile to the OAS.

On May 14, 1975, the claimant was informed of receipt of enunciation.

The Commission examined this case during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and decided to postpone consideration of the case in view of the fact that the period of time provided for under Article 51 of the Regulations was still in effect, without prejudice to addressing a communication to the Government of Chile repeating its request for transmittal of the corresponding information.

Pursuant to this decision, a note was sent to the Government of Chile on August 5, 1975. In a communication of August 27, the claimant was informed of the measures taken.

In a note of July 14, 1975 (N1 13433), cited in connection with other cases being processed, the Government of Chile reported that Mr. José Luis Verdejo Duarte had been arrested on September 20, 1973, and was being arraigned under proceeding N1 178/13 before the Office of the Military Prosecutor of Arica, for violation of the Law on the Internal Security of the State. "In accordance with standards in force much before the advent of the current government and because this involves and individual found guilty of a common crime, he was also imprisoned in a common facility. On June 5, 1975, a temporary stay was issue and Mr. Verdejo Duarte is at present free."

In a letter dated August 8, the Commission reported to the Government of Chile, when acknowledging receipt of note No. 13433, that this information would be taken up during the course of the thirty-sixth session.

During this session (October 1975), the Commission examined case 1933 together with the information provided by the Government of Chile and decided to file the case without prejudice to reopening examination thereof if the claimant presents, within a reasonable period of time, observations on the information provided by the Government which, in the opinion of the Commission, allow just cause for reopening the matter.

The Commission informed the claimant of this decision through a letter dated January 19, 1976.