Communication 1926 (Uruguay)

1926 , of April 23, 1975, denounces arbitrary arrest in various places in Uruguay and in other instances the rearrest of individuals who were under conditional freedom, citing the case of Mr.. Jorge Mazzorovich as an example.

The Secretariat acknowledged receipt on April 25, 1975.

The Commission examined this communication during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975), and decided to appoint Dr. Genaro R. Carri´┐Ż as rapporteur to study this and other cases in Uruguay.

The rapporteur presented an oral report during that session and the Commission decided the following:

a) To request the Government of Uruguay to provide appropriate information in accordance with the Regulation, on the concrete matters denounced in this communication.

b) To request the claimant to provide additional information on other matters so that the case can be processed in the matter provided for in the Regulations.

Pursuant to point a) of this decision, a note was sent to Government of Uruguay on August 7, 1975. A copy of this note was sent to the Uruguayan Mission to the OAS on August 18, 1975. As to point b) of the decision, on September 12, 1975, the claimant was asked to supplement the denunciation.

As its thirty-sixth session (October 1975), the Commission continued its consideration of case 1926 and decided to post-pone examination thereof until next session, once the Government has had an opportunity to provide the appropriate information.