Communication 1923 (Uruguay)

1923, of April 5, 1975, denounces a number of facts allegedly in violation of human rights in  Uruguay, which are: a) the arrest of minors; b) arrests in the city of San Jos�; c) arrests in "Las Piedras", and d) the arrest of teachers.

The Commission examined this communication during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975), and decided to appoint Dr. Genaro R. Carri� as rapporteur, to examine this and other cases related to Uruguay.

The rapporteur presented an oral report on case 1923 during that same session, based upon  which the Commission decided the following:

a) To request the Government of Uruguay to provide the appropriate information on the status of individuals alleged to be victims of the events denounced and to inquire whether or not their allies have begun to implement the legal remedies of internal law and, should that be the case what the results of those legal remedies have been.

b) To request the claimant to kindly provide additional information on other aspects of the denunciation which do not meet all the regulatory requirements, especially on exhaustion of remedies provided for under internal law.

Pursuant to part a) of this decision, the Commission addressed the Government of Uruguay, through a cable dated May 23, 1975, (with regard to the most urgent cases referred to in the complaint) and through a note of August 7, 1975, on the other matters that met the regulatory requirements.

As for paragraph b) of the decision, the Secretariat through a communication dated September 12 and after detailed study of the complaint, requested the claimant to provide the data necessary for proper completion of the complaint.

During its thirty-sixth session (October 1975), the Commission considered case 1923 and decided to postpone examination thereof until its next session, once the Government of Uruguay has had an opportunity to provide the information requested and the claimant the opportunity to provide the additional data requested him.