Communication 1916 (Uruguay)

1916, of March 13, 1975, denounces the arrest of Mrs. Gloria Correa, an Uruguayan, in Montevideo, on February 22, 1975; the claimants allege to have knowledge as to where she is being held.

In a cable dated March 18, 1975, the Commission requested the Government of Uruguay to provided the appropriate information. A copy of that cable was sent to the Uruguayan Mission to the OAS on March 19, 1975. In a letter of that same date, the commission informed the claimant of the measures taken in connection with the denunciation.

In a communication dated March 26, 1975, the claimant supplememted the denunciation by providing the date, the military authorities who had already given some indication as to where Miss Gloria Correa was being held, and established some forms of communication with her.

The Commission examined this communication during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975), and decided that in view of the fact that the Uruguayan Government had not replied to its request for information filed on March 18, to repeat its request to the the Government of Uruguay for transmittal of the information in question, sending at the same time the pertinent parts of the new information provided by the claimant.

Pursuant to this decision, a cable was sent to the the Government of Uruguay on May 22, 1975. A copy of that cable was transmitted to the Uruguayan Mission to the OAS on May 23, 1975. On August 22, the claimant was informed of the processing of the case.

In a note dated September 10, 1975, (No. 320/75), the Government of Uruguay replied to the request by the Commission on this case:

"1. The individual in question was arrested on February 21, 1973, by the National Naval Prefecture in the city of Colinia, since she was found to thave in her possession a large amount of subversive material on the illegal organization called 'Partido Obrero Revolucionario'."

"2. On the same day of her arrest, Miss Gloria Raquel Correa González was brought before the competent judicial authority, the Military Trial Judge of the Second Court, who in application of the appropriate legal provisions, ordered her confinement in a military unit".

"3. At present the individual in question is being held in the cells of the Naval Fusiliers, where she is visited by members of her family and regularly receives check ups from the health services of that Unit."

The Secretariat acknowlegded receipt to the Government of Uruguay on September 16, 1975, the through a letter dated September 17, 1975, the pertinent parts of the information provided by the Government of Uruguay were transmitted to the claimant.

During its thirty-sixth session (October 1975), the Commission considered this communication together with the information provided by the Government of Uruguay and decided to postpone examination thereof until its next session, should the claimant formulate observations.