Communication 1908 (Argentina)

1908, of January 31,1975, denounces the arrest of the following individuals by troops from the State Federal Coordination Bureau and their subsequent removal to Prison Unit No. 2 (Villa Devoto ), Buenos Aires, at the order of the National Executive Power: Cancio Ayala Pantero, Alciviades Fernandez Zamudio, Eladio Fotelo, Victoriano Velázquez, Juan Bernardino Méndez and Adolfo Adamou. These individuals are alleged to have no connection whatever with subversive, groups or elements.

The Secretariat, in a note dated February 25, 1975, informed the claimants of receipt of the denunciation. In communication dated March 17, 1975, the Commission requested the Government of Argentina to provide the appropriate information. A copy of that note was transmitted to the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the OAS on March l8, 1975. That mission acknowledged receipt in a note dated March 21, 1975 (SG ).

In a note dated April 15, 1975 (SG, the Argentine Mission to the OAS conveyed Note No. 1593 of April 3, 1975, in which information on the case is provided. The pertinent parts are:

"It is appropriate to point out that in the Republic of Argentina, where a system of constitutional government democracy exists; the National Constitution, which fully provides for the rights, duties, and guarantees of all citizens, and the laws enacted by the National Congress to regulate exercise of individual freedoms both govern and are in full effect.

''When I receive such information as those ministries may provide, I shall bring it to the attention of that Commission through the Permanent Mission of Argentina, to the Organization of American States."

Receipt of this note was acknowledged on May 15, 1975.

The Commission first examined this communication during its thirty- fist session (May 1975), and taking into account the reply received from the Government of Argentina, it decided to repeat its request to that Government to provide the information promised by that Government in its note of April 15, 1975.

Pursuant to this decision, a note was sent to the Government of Argentina on August 7, 1975, and a copy was sent to the Mission to the OAS on August 18 of that month. On August 22, 1975, the claimant was also informed of this decision. During the thirty-sixth session (October 1975) the Commission continued its examination of the case, noting that the Government of Argentina had not yet provided the necessary information and agreed to postpone consideration of the case until the next session