Communication 1902 (Bolivia)

1902, of January 22, 1975, denounces the arbitrary arrest of the former President of Bolivia, Hernán Siles Suazo, for political reasons.

The Commission, in a cable dated January 22, 1975, requested the Government of Bolivia to provide the appropriate information. A copy of that cable was sent to the Delegation of Bolivia to the OAS on the same date. The Secretariat, in a letter of January 24, 1975, informed the claimant of the measures taken in response to the denunciation.

In a cable dated February 7, 1975, the Government of Bolivia replied to the Commission's request for information. The pertinent parts of its reply are presented below:

"With regard to your cable dated January 22, you are hereby informed that the former President, Hernán Siles Suazo, entered Bolivia clandestinely for conspiratorial purposes, according to the statement made in the local press, which led the Government, in legitimate use of procedures provided for under the law and in defense of established order and public tranquility, to order his exile last week to Santiago, Chile."

In a communication dated February 7, 1975, the Secretariat transmitted to the claimant the pertinent parts of the Bolivian Government's reply.

The Commission examined the denunciation during its thirty-fifth session (May l975), together with the information provided by the Government of Bolivia, it decided to file the case without prejudice and to reopen examination, thereof should the claimant provide the data or observations the Commission deems appropriate within a reasonable period of time.

At the thirty-sixth session (October 1975) the status of the processing of this communication was considered and since the claimant had not formulated any observation on the information provided by the Government of Bolivia, it decided to file the case without further processing.