Communication 1879 (Chile)

1879 This file includes 248 cases of individuals arrested in various places in Chile since September 11, 1973, denounced to the CIDH during its on-site investigation in that country. Classification of this file was handled in accordance with the criterion agreed upon at the thirty-third session.

In a note dated October 11, 1974, the Commission requested the appropriate inform copy. A copy of the note and the appendices thereto were sent to the Chilean Delegation to the OAS on October 30.

The Government of Chile, in a note of April 25, 1975 (No 7657), replied as follows:

a) Inquiries are being conducted to establish the whereabouts or status of 26 individuals; b) 42 individuals are still being held, by virtue of the state of siege; c) 8 individuals were being held (no details provided); d) 5 individuals were being held with concrete charges against them; e) 44 individuals were being tried; one individual was serving a sentence of 15 years imprisonment in the public jail in Santiago; f) 5 individuals had left for Mexico; g) 15 individuals work under conditional freedom; h) one individual was under house arrest; i) 15 individuals would leave for Mexico. Finally the Chilean Government rejects any allegation to the effect that the individuals involved in this case had been mistreated.The Commission examined this denunciation, together with the information provided by the Government of Chile, at its thirty-fifth session (May 1975). It decided the following:

a) To request the Government of Chile to provide further information with regard to those individuals being held by virtue of the state of siege, as to whether the Government intends to release those individuals in the near future or, should there be concrete charges against them, to bring them to trial; b) to reiterate the request for information on those individuals with regard to whom inquiries are being conducted to establish their status; c) to request more information on individuals under conditional freedom, on those who recondemned and those who have left the country or are about to do so.

Pursuant to the foregoing, a note was sent to the Government of Chile on August 6, 1975.

At its thirty-sixth session (October 1975) the Commission looked into the status of the case and bearing in mind that the request for more information filed with the Government of Chile on August 6 was still in course, it decided to postpone examination of the cases until its next session.