Communication 1872 (Uruguay)

1872, presented through a communication dated September 13, 1974, denounces the arrest of Mr. Jorge Manera Lluveras.

In a note dated October 11, 1974, the Commission reqeusted the Government of Uruguay to provide the appropriate information. A copy of that request was transmitted to the Uruguayan Mission to the OAS on October 17, 1974.

During its thirty-fourth session (October 1974) the Commission decided to postpone examination of the case, in view of the fact that the 180-day period provided for under Article 51 of the Regulations for the government concerned to provide the corresponding information had still not elapsed.

In a note of May 23, 1975, mentioned earlier, the Government of Uruguay requested an extension of 90 days for provision of the information requested.

The Commission considered this request during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and decided to grant a 30-day extension to the Government of Uruguay for transmittal of the information requested. This decision was brought to the attention of that Government on June 12, 1975.

In a note dated July 12, 1975 (No. 236/75) the Government of Uruguay provided the following information, within the required period of time.

"1. Status of Jorge Manera Lluveras

a) The individual in question was tried on January 12, 1973 by the competent court for the following crimes named in the Common Penal Code: 'Violation of the Constitution' (Art. 132 par.6) , 'Evasion of a warrant' (Art. 184), 'Manufacture and marketing of explosives, asphyxiating gases, and so forth' (Art.209). 'Homicide' (coauthor) (Arts. 61 and 310).

b) The board and lodging conditions being provided to the defendants are the best to be found in any establishment in the country and comparable to the best in the world.

Medical attention is regular and is supported by the Army Health Services and its principal organ, the Central Army Hospital, where special attention is given to the prisoners.

Jorge Manera Lluveras has repeatedly received adequate ophthalmological attention.

2. Status of Julio Marenales Saenz

a) The individual in question was ried by the competent court on January 31, 1973, for the following crimes named in the common Penal Code: 'Violation of the Constitution' (Art.132 paragraph 6) ; 'Evasion of a warrant' (Art 184); ' An attack committed with Aggravating Circumstances' (Arts. 171 and 172); 'Homicide' (coauthor) (Arts. 310 and 61); 'Partnership to commit a crime' (Art.150).

b) The behavior of Julio Marenales Saenz in prison is to be expected, since he is inclined not to accept the rules in force and to make comments against the authorities.

c) The medical attention he receives is as regular as that of all other prisoners and he has not required any special attention since he had no outstanding illnesses.

d) Every 16 days he is visited by his wife and his mother, and is allowed to receive correspondence, fruits, tobacco, necessities, and clothing."

"3. Status of Adolfo Wasseh Alaniz

a) On March 23, 1974, the above cited individual attempted to kill himself, with the following medical diagnosis: 'slashes along both forearms and neck. Moderate bleeding, loss of consciousness. At the time of the examination, he was somewhat pale. Dry, warm skin. Pulse 60 p.m. regular, tension normal. Full recovery under way.'

b) The prison conditions under which Adolfo Wassen Alaniz is being held are the normal conditions in facilities to confine highly dangerous individuals such as the individual in question."

"4. Reference to Henry Willy Engler Golovchenko

The individual in question does not have attacks of insanity as claimed, and his state of health is normal and his prison conduct good."

The Secretariat acknowledged receipt to the Government of Uruguay on July 16, 1975, and through a letter dated September 23, 1975, transmitted the pertinent parts of this information to the claimant.

During its thirty-sixth session (October 1975) the Commission considered this communication together with the information provided by the Government of Uruguay; it decided the following: To file, without prejudice, the case of Mr. Jorge Manera Lluveras and to await such information as the claimant may be able to provide on all the other cases.

Pursuant to this decision, a note was sent to the claimant on January 26, 1976.