Communication 1871 (Colombia)

1871; presented through a communication of September 24, 1974, denounces the arbitrary arrest of Mr. Marcel Welty de Leon in Barranquilla, also alleging that he was denied an interview with lawyers.In a note of October 11, 1974, the Commission requested the Government of Colombia to provide the appropriate information.
In a note of February 14, 1975 (No 82), from the Colombian Mission to the OAS, the Government of Colombia replied to that request by sending a copy of the report submitted by the Office of the Section Chief of the Administrative Department on Security (DAS) of Barranquilla, according to which the individual concerned, Welty de Leon, had been arrested for having been involved in the kidnapping and related crime of extorsion of a minor in that city. As for the accused's right to defense, the Government of Colombia reported that the individual was being held under orders by the judge on the case.
The Commission examined this case during the course of its thirty-fifth session (May 1975), together with the information provided by the Government of Colombia. It decided to file the case without further processing. In a note dated August 7, 1975, the claimant was informed of the decision in question.