Communication 1869 (Nicaragua)

1869, of August 22, 1974, denounces the arbitrary arrest of 27 labor leaders in Nicaragua for having published a manifesto or document in which they argue in favor of a refusal to vote in the presidential elections held in September 1, 1974.

In a note dated September 25, 1974, the Commission requested the Government of Nicaragua to provide the appropriate information, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of the Regulations. A copy of that note was transmitted to the Nicaraguan Mission to the OAS, on September 26, 1974.

During its thirty-fourth session (October 1974), the Commission decided to postpone examination of the case, in view of the fact that the period of time provided for under Article 51 of the Regulations had still not elapsed. It also decided to request the claimant to provide more information.

Pursuant to the above mentioned decision, a note was sent to the claimant on November 8, 1974.

During the 35th session (May 1975), the Commission continued its examination of the case, together with the information provided by the Government of Nicaragua through a note dated November 6, 1974 (No 1 MAR-137), denying the subject matter of the complaint and declaring that it was totally false that Nicaraguan authorities had arrested 27 labor and political leaders for the crime of having signed a document in favor of abstaining from participation in the election held on September 1, 1974.

The CIDH also took into consideration the fact that the claimants did not provide the additional information it had requested.

As a consequence of all the elements involved in the case, the Commission decided, at that same session, to declare the case inadmissible and file it without further processing.

This decision was communicated to the Government of Nicaragua on August 8, 1975. A copy of the note to the Government of Nicaragua was transmitted to the Nicaraguan Mission to the OAS on August 18, 1975. The claimants were informed of the decision in a letter of September 8, 1975.