Communication 1861 (Chile)

1861, presented through communication dated July 24, 1974, denounces the arbitrary arrest of Mr. Francisco B. Pizzaro Monisoni, on June 4 that year, who was alleged to be in poor health.

The Commission , in a note dated July 31, 1974, requested that the Government of Chile provide the appropriate information.

The Government of Chile, through a note dated August 16, 1974 (No. 13953) replied as follows:

"It is my duty to inform you that I had received your note --Case 1961--of August 3, 1974, through which the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights requests information on the case of Don Francisco Bernardo Pizarro Monisoni.

The note received states that Mr. Pizarro was arrested by units from the Chilean Air Force, that a writ of amparo was filed before the Court of Appeals of Santiago, before the CENDET, before the Ministry of the Interior, before the Ministry of Defense and before the Office of the District Attorney of the FACH which, as it states, is currently conducting proceedings against the accused; this individual is hemophiliac and has a stomach ulcer, which means that his health is very poor and requires regular medical attention.This communication is not a denunciation since, as you yourself pointed out, the individual concerned is being tried by the Office of the District Attorney of the FACH, in accordance with Chilean laws enacted much before the events, as the Commission has verified.

The note makes clear that the intention of the Commission is to convey to the respective judicial organ its concern that the accused receive the necessary medical attention.

Even though this same Commission will be able to verify the fact that rapid and prompt medical attention is being provided to those prisoners who require it, I am today sending a copy of the note to the Office of the District Attorney of the FACH."

On September 11, 1974, the pertinent parts of the reply received from the Government of Chile were transmitted to the claimant.

The Commission examined this case together with the reports provided by the Government of Chile during the course of its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and decided to file the case without further processing. The claimant was informed of this decision on August 17, 1975.