Communication 1852 (Chile)

1852, of July 22, 1974, on the status of Mr. Ernesto Riquelme Massardo, being held without charges was transmitted to the Government of Chile on July 25, 1974.

In a note dated July 31, (No. 12850) the Government of Chile provided the following information:

On this specific matter it is my responsibility to inform you of the following: Juan Ernesto Riquelme Massardo "is being held in "Chacabuco" camp, in accordance with the powers that the Political Constitution confers upon the Executive Power during a state of siege."

The Commission examined case 1852 during the course of its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) and decided to again address the Government of Chile requesting that it kindly report whether it is its intention to release the prisoner soon or, should concrete charges being involved, to bring him to trial; where and when, the charge, and so forth.

Pursuant to this agreement, a note was sent to the Government of Chile on August 6, 1975. On August 12, the claimant was informed of this decision.

In a note dated September 22, 1975 (No. 17708) the Government of Chile replied to the note of August 6, reporting that Mr. Juan E. Riquelme Massardo had journeyed "abroad on February 5 of that year in accordance with the provisions of Exempt Decree 148 of the Ministry of the Interior on forced abandonment of the country."

The Commission continued its examination of this case at its thirty-sixth session (1975) and based on the information provided by the Government of Chile, it decided to postpone consideration of the case until the working group completes its study on this and other similar cases.