Communication 1810 (Chile)

1810, presented through a communication dated March 26, 1974, denounces the violent death of Mr.Cristián Montecino and others on October 16, 1973.

The Commission examined the case in question during its thirty-second session (April 1974) and decided to transmit the pertinent parts of the denunciation to the Government of Chile, with a request for information, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of its Regulations.

Pursuant to this decision, a note was sent to the Chilean Government on June 3, 1974. The claimants were informed of this decision through a letter dated April 28, 1974.

The Government of Chile, in a note dated August 22, 1974 (No. 14378), reported to the Commission that "in view of the complex nature of the report made, I have taken steps to obtain from the competent national authorities the information necessary to enable me to make an appropriate reply to the Commission, as soon as that information is available to me."

In accordance with this Regulation the Commission, in a letter dated September 12, 1974, transmitted the pertinent parts of this information to the claimants.

During its thirty-fourth session (October 1974) it was decided to postpone examination of the case. However, in order to expedite processing of the denunciation (given the seriousness of the matters denounced) it was also decided to repeat its request to that Government to send the information requested as soon as possible.

In accordance with this decision, the Commission addressed the Government of Chile through a note dated December 17, 1974. In a letter dated November 25, 1974, the claimant was also informed of this decision.

The Government of Chile, in notes of December 19, 1974 (No. 171), and February 21, 1975 (unnumbered), reported that "having conducted all the investigations, both administrative and judicial as well, it has not been possible to reach specific and definitive conclusions as to how the events too place and much less to identify the individuals responsible. To date, state officials do not appear to be involved, whether they be civil or military officials. I wish to inform Your Excellency that the investigation continues and when new information is available, it will be transmitted immediately."

In accordance with the Regulations of the CIDH, it transmitted to the claimant, through a letter dated March 3, 1975, the pertinent parts of the information provided by the Government of Chile.

The Commission continued to examine this case during its thirty-fifth session (May 1975) together with reports provided by the Government of Chile. It decided to request the Government of Chile to kindly indicate whether the inquiries into the matters denounced had been concluded and the results of those inquiries.

Pursuant to this decision, a note was sent to that Government on August 6, 1975. The claimant was also informed of the measures taken in connection with the case through a letter dated August 6, 1975.

At the thirty-sixth session (October 1975) the Commission examined the status of the case and in view of the fact that its request to the Government of Chile to provide more information was still in effect, it decided to postpone the matter until this information is received.