Communication 1789 (Brazil)

1789, presented through a communication dated October 30, 1973, denounces the arbitrary arrest of the former Brazilian Federa1 Deputy, Mr. Paul Stuart Wright, which took place in September of that year.

In a note of January 9, 1974, the Commission requested the Government of Brazil to provide the pertinent information. In addition, in notes dated April 24 and November 11, l974, it asked the claimant to provide more facts of the denunciation made, especially as regards exhaustion of internal remedies. These requests were sent pursuant to decisions adopted at the thirty-second and thirty-fourth sessions (April and October 1974,.respectively). [3]

During the thirty-fifth session (May 1975) the Commission noted that the claimant had not provided the data, necessary to conduct an examination of the case and, on the other hand, neither had the Government of Brazil responded to the request for information made on January 9, 1974. Under these circumstances, it decided to file this case without further processing. This agreement was brought to the attention of the interested party in a letter dated July 8, 1975.

[3] See the reports from the 32nd and 34th sessions: OEA/Ser./L/V/II.32 and 34, docs, 31 rev. 1 and 30 rev. 1, respectively.