CASE 1802 (Paraguay)

Case 1808, March 17, 1974, reporting on the status of human rights in Haiti where the Government allegedly continued to ignore the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in favor of respect for those rights and, in addition, had been committing many acts of repression against various citizens between 1973 and March 1974, including summary execution of political opponents, torture, and other serious violations of the rights established in the American Declaration. The complainant also requested to be heard by the Commission in order to provide further information on the events that were the subject matter of the report.

This hearing took place during the thirty-second session (April 1974) and the complainant provided the Commission with new information and data for its examination of the case, reiterating that, as regards Nicolas Gaetjens, who had disappeared in Haiti in 1964, there were indications that he was still alive and was detained and in solitary confinement in the Fort Dimanche Prison in Port-au-Prince.

At that session the Commission decided to write to the Government of Haiti requesting information on the facts reported and transmitting to it the pertinent parts thereof, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of the Rules of Procedure. In implementation of this decision, a note was sent to the above-mentioned Government on June 3, 1974.

In a note dated June 18, 1974 (POL/NAL/159/), the Government of Haiti replied to this request, stating that the above-mentioned report had been transmitted to the competent authorities of the Administration so that they could supply the pertinent information.

The Commission began its examination of this case at its thirty-fourth (October 1974), noting that the Government of Haiti had still not provided the information requested. Consequently, it decided to repeat to that Government a request for the provision of such information, warning it of the time limit established in Article 51 of the Rules of Procedure and the rule of the presumption of the truth embodied in that provision.

In implementation of this decision, the Commission wrote to the Government of Haiti on December 17, 1974. This decision was also communicated to the complainant on November 25, 1974.