Case 1776 (Ecuador)

Case 1776, October 3, 1973, reporting the arbitrary detention, in a remote and inhospitable place, of the Ecuadorian economist, Abdón Calderón Muñoz, director of the "Frente Radical Alfarista". Together with Mr. Muñoz, Manuel Araujo Hidalgo and Francisco Huerta Montalvo, were also arrested. The complaint was accompanied by various documents relating to these events. "No judge or court has taken cognizance of the case and no authority has intervened in the final decision... the Ministry of the Interior assumed responsibility for the arrest..."

The Commission considered this case at its thirty-first session (October 1973) and decided to request the Government of Ecuador to provide the pertinent information, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of its Rules of Procedure. In this regard it sent a communication to the Government of Ecuador on December 19, 1973. This request was repeated on June 3, 1974, in implementation of the decision taken at the thirty-second session of the Commission (April 1974). In a letter dated May 2, it informed the complainant of the status of the case.

For its part, the Government of Ecuador, through its Ambassador to the OAS, in a note dated June 12, 1974, requested, under paragraph 2 of Article 51 of the Rules of Procedure of the CIDH, an extension of a further 180 days to the time limit provided for in that article, in order to provide the pertinent information, in view of the fact that the Government was studying the granting of amnesty to political prisoners. With respect to the situation of Mr. Abdón Calderón Muñoz, it reported that he had been released in mid-October 1973.

The Commission granted the Government of Ecuador an extension of 120 days to the time limit established in Article 51 of the Rules of Procedure, which decision was communicated to that Government through the Mission of Ecuador to the OAS on June 27, 1974.

At its thirty-fourth session, the Commission examined the status of Case 1776, having noted that the Government of Ecuador had still not supplied the information requested. However, taking into account the fact that the Government of Ecuador would request an additional extension for the presentation of the information, it decided to leave the case in abeyance until it formally received the above-mentioned request and authorized the Chairman to adopt such decision as he deemed appropriate. In actual fact, the Government of Ecuador, in a note dated October 25, 1974, and received y the CIDH on November 4 (when the thirty-fourth session had already closed) requested an additional extension of 120 days for the presentation of the information relating to the case. In a note dated December 19, 1974, the Commission informed the Ambassador of Ecuador to the OAS of the grant of the above-mentioned extension.