Case 1736, March 8, 1972, reporting the death of several agricultural workers and the arbitrary arrest of others belonging to the "Liga Campesina". The events allegedly occurred in the town of Talanquera, Department of Olancho, on February 18, 1972, and involved the Armed Forces and several landowners in the region who were named as those responsible for plotting and carrying out the aforementioned acts.

In a note dated March 23, 1972, the Commission requested the Government of Honduras to provide the pertinent information, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of its Rules of Procedure. This request was repeated on November 1, 1972, pursuant to the decision adopted by the CIDH at its twenty-ninth session (October of that year).

In a note dated December 19, 1972, the Government of Honduras replied to the foregoing request of the Commission, forwarding documents on the activities of the administrative and Judicial authorities of Honduras to clarify the facts that were the subject matter of the case. In that note it also offered to send the Commission further data on the results of the actions taken by the competent Judicial authorities in that Jurisdiction. This information, which was sent shortly thereafter, under a note dated January 5, 1973, consisted in a report of the Supreme Court of Justice.

In accordance with its Rules of Procedure, the Commission in a note dated January 31, 1973, transmitted the pertinent parts of the information provided by the Government of Honduras to the complainants who, in a letter dated March 3, 1973, made comments and observations on the case and in particular on the information supplied by the Government of Honduras.

With this information, the Commission began its examination of the case at its thirtieth session (April 1973) and decided to transmit to the Government of Honduras the additional allegations of the complainants. The Government of Honduras, in a note dated June 30, 1973, informed the CIDH that it would send the pertinent comments made by the competent authorities of Honduras on the additional information supplied by the complainants as soon as such authorities made a statement on the subject.

At the thirty-first, thirty-second and thirty-fourth sessions (October 1973, April and October 1974, respectively) the Commission was unable to take a decision on the merits of the case, since neither the Government of Honduras nor the complainants had provided sufficient information for an examination of the case.

Consequently, at its thirty-fourth session (October 1974), the CIDH decided with respect to the processing of the case: a) To reiterate once again to the Government of Honduras the request that it send the information it offered to provide in its note dated June 30, 1973, and b) To request the complainants to update, within a reasonable period of time, the information available to the CIDH concerning the status of the case before the Honduran Judicial authorities, as they were requested to do in a noted dated May 1, 1974.

In implementation of this decision, the CIDH addressed the Government of Honduras on December 17, 1974. The above-mentioned decision was communicated to the complainants on November 20, 1974.