Case No. 1745 (Argentine Republic)

Case No. 1745, June 29, 1972, denouncing the arrest of Mr. Ricardo Beltrán, an activist of the graphic arts union, and his transfer to a prison ship anchored in the port of Buenos Aires where he was subjected to conditions "in violation of the most basic rights to personal security and dignity."

The Commission examined this case at its Thirtieth Session (April 1973) and approved the following resolution (OEA/Ser.L/V/II.30, doc. 21, April 24, 1973);


A communication of June 29, 1972, alleged that Mr. Ricardo Beltrán, an activist of the graphic arts union, had been arrested in the city of Buenos Aires and incarcerated in a ship anchored in that port under conditions that would be a violation of human rights;

In exercise of the authority granted it by Article 9 (bis) of its Statute, the Commission requested information from the Government of Argentina, by note of August 22, 1972, in the manner established in articles 42 (1) and 44 of its Regulations;

The Commission, at its twenty-ninth session, held in Washington, D.C., October 16-27, 1972, decided to request the claimant to provide additional information with respect to the exhaustion of the internal legal remedies that the laws of Argentina establish for the defense of human rights;

The Secretariat informed the claimant of this decision by communication of November 16, 1972;

At its thirtieth session, held in Washington, D.C., April 16-27, 1973, the Commission noted that the Government of Argentina had not furnished the information requested;

It noted also that the claimant had not supplemented his complaint; and

Article 9 (bis) paragraph d) of its Statute reads as follows:

d. To verify, as a condition precedent to the exercise of powers set forth in paragraphs b) and c) of the present article, whether the internal legal procedures and remedies of each member state have been duly applied and exhausted,



  1. To file case 1745, without prejudice to reopening examination thereof if the claimant should supply the requested information within a reasonable period of time or if the Government of Argentina should furnish evidence that would justify reexamination of the case.
  2. To communicate this resolution to the Government of Argentina and to the claimant.

Pursuant to this resolution, the Commission addressed the Government of the Argentine Republic in a note of June 15, 1973, and the claimants on June 18, 1973.