Communications No. 1721 (CUBA)

March 14, 1973

Communication No. 1721, of August 5, 1971 denounces the painful situation of political prisoners in Cuba and, particularly, that of Messrs. Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, Hubert Matos, Pedro Luis Boitel, César Paez, T. Lamas, A. Gamiz, L. Blanco, J. Pujal, J. Valls and 0. Figuero, imprisoned in "El Príncipe fortress in Havana in isolation since December 19, 1970, and allowed only one visit per month in view of their refusal to submit themselves to the so-called "Rehabilitation Plan" of the Cuban Government.

At its Twenty-Sixth Session (October-November 1971), in conformity with the recommendations of the rapporteur of this case, Prof. Manuel Bianchi, the Commission decided to declare admissible the part pertaining to the situation of the above-mentioned prisoners, and to request the corresponding information from the Government of Cuba, (Articles 42 and 44 of the Regulations).

In accordance with this decision, on November 17, 1971, the Commission addressed a note to the Government of Cuba.

At its Twenty-Seventh Session (February-March 1972), as the 180-day period established in Article 51 of its Regulations for receiving the information requested from the Government of Cuba had not yet expired, the Commission decided to postpone consideration of this case until the aforesaid period had elapsed.

At its Twenty-Ninth Session (October 1972), noting that the Government of Cuba had not yet replied to the request addressed to it on November 17, 1971, and that the 180-day period stipulated in Article 51 of the Regulations had expired, the Commission decided, in conformity with the provisions of paragraph 1 of the aforementioned Article to presume that the occurrence of the events denounced in the communication of August 5, 1971 was confirmed.