Case 1735 No. 1689 (CHILE)

March 14, 1973

Case No 1735, of February 28, 1972, denounced inhumane and degrading treatment of common prisoners in Chile.

At the Twenty-Seventh Session (February-March 1972) the Commission considered this case and decided to request of the Government of Chile information on the acts denounced, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 42 and 44 of its Regulations. In conformity with this decision, a communication was sent to that Government on March 29, 1972.

At its Twenty-Ninth Session (October 16-27, 1972) the Commission verified the status of Case No 1735, and noted that the Government of Chile had not answered the request for information, and that the 180-day period stipulated in Article 51 of the Regulations for supplying the corresponding information had expired.

Consequently, at the same session, it decide to reiterate to the aforesaid government the request for information, and to extend for sixty additional days the period established in Article 51 of its Regulations.

In conformity with this decision, the Commission addressed the Government of Chile in a note dated November 1, 1972.

In its communication of December 27, 1972, mentioned previously (No 1261), the Government of Chile referred to Case No 1735, requesting pertinent data as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had not received the Commission's note of March 29, 1972.