Communication No. 1705 (UNITED STATES)

Communication No. 1705, dated February 23, 1971, concerning the arrest and trial of Orlando Bosch (Florida Federal Prison) and Manuel Alvarez Solano (Atlanta Federal Prison, Georgia), for alleged acts of terrorism and other crimes.

At its Twenty-fifth Session (March 1971), the Commission appointed Dr. Carlos A. Dunshee de Abranches as rapporteur of the case; he presented a report recommending that the case of Mr. Alvarez Solano be declared inadmissible, but that the case of Mr. Orlando Bosch be admitted, and that the complainant be requested to supply a copy of the judicial decision of the Federal Court of Florida in this case, and upon its receipt, to transmit the pertinent parts of the complaint to the Government of the United States with a request for information.

The Commission approved these recommendations, without prejudice to application of Article 54 of its Regulations regarding the prior exhaustion of internal remedies. Accordingly, in a letter of April 5, 1971, it requested the complainant to provide the documentation in question.

At this stage of the proceedings, since it was unable to obtain all the documentation, the Commission, at its Twenty-sixth Session (October-November 1971), decided, in accordance with a new report presented by the rapporteur, Dr. Dunshee de Abranches, to reiterate its decision to seek information from the Government concerned, but informing it that the admissibility of the denunciation had been limited to the question of ascertaining whether there had been an unjustified delay in deciding the appeal from the verdict of the Federal District Court of Florida.