Communication No. 1690 (COLOMBIA)

Communication No. 1690, of August 26, 1960, denouncing acts of persecution against Indians of the Planas region, Department of Meta, allegedly committed by forces of the Administrative Security Department (DAS) and the armed forces.

At its Twenty-fourth Session (October 1970), the Commission decided to request the corresponding information from the Government of Colombia, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of its Regulations; this was done in a note dated November 23, 1970.

The Colombian Government, in a note dated December 11, 1970, informed the Commission that the denunciation had been referred to the competent governmental authorities.

At its Twenty-fifth Session (March 1971), the Commission appointed Dr. Mario Alzamora Valdez as rapporteur of this case, who presented a report recommending that the request for information of September 23 to the Colombian Government be repeated inasmuch as the above-mentioned note of December 11 did not constitute a response that would permit examination of the case.

The Commission approved this recommendation and repeated its request for the pertinent information to the Government of Colombia in a note dated May 10, 1971.

At the Twenty-sixth Session (October-November 1971), observing that the Government of Colombia still had not supplied the information requested, the Commission, in the absence of the rapporteur Dr. Alzamora Valdez, appointed a new rapporteur for the case, Dr. Carlos A. Dunshee de Abranches. The latter presented a report recommending that another request be made to the Government of Colombia for the information, and that at the same time it be sent the pertinent parts of the additional information received in relation to the case.

The Commission approved these recommendations, and accordingly, sent a note to the Government of Colombia on November 17, 1971.