Communication No. 1631 (PARAGUAY)

Communication No. 1631, dated June 2, 1969, denouncing the arbitrary arrest of the Paraguayan journalist Alberto Pappalardo and his wife María Cristina Cassenello de Pappalardo, alleged to have occurred in the city of Asunción on July 4, 1969.

The Commission, in a note dated July 14, 1969, requested the corresponding information from the Government of Paraguay, transmitting to it the pertinent parts of the denunciation in accordance with Article 42 and 44 of its Regulations. This request was repeated on February 9, 1970, pursuant to a decision taken at the Twenty-second Session (November 1969).

At the Twenty-third Session (April 1970), in view of the fact that the Government of Paraguay had not replied to the request mentioned above, the Commission decided to repeat its request for information, stating that if this information were not received within a reasonable period, it would be presumed that the acts denounced had recurred, as prescribed in Article 51 of its Statute. A note to this effect was sent to that Government on April 17, 1970.

The Government of Paraguay did not reply.

At its Twenty-fourth Session (October 1970), the Commission appointed Dr. Carlos A. Dunshee de Abranches as rapporteur, who presented a report recommending:

  1. that the complaint be brought up to date by requesting information on the status of the case, and particularly whether the parties concerned had sought and exhausted all internal remedies of the Republic of Paraguay, as prescribed in Article 54 of the Regulations of the Commission; and
  2. that the request to the Government of Paraguay for information be repeated, granting a period of 30 days.

The Commission approved the recommendations of the rapporteur and sent notes to the complainant on November 12, 1970 and to the Government of Paraguay on November 23, 1970.

At the Twenty-fifth Session (March 1971), the rapporteur recommended that the complaint be filed since the Commission lacked appropriate information for its study.

The Commission approved the recommendation of the rapporteur and decided to file the dossier, without prejudice to its reopening if the pertinent information were supplied within a reasonable period.