Communication No. 1601 (PARAGUAY)

Communication No. 1601, dated June , 1968, denouncing the arbitrary arrest of Mr. Marcelino Correa Martínez, a Paraguayan citizen, in the city of Asunción.

The Commission requested the corresponding information from the Government of Paraguay in a cablegram dated June 12, 1968, in accordance with Articles 42 and 44 of its Regulations The request was repeated on February 14, 1969. In addition, it appointed Dr. Carlos A. Dunshee de Abranches as rapporteur of the case, who presented a report with the recommendation that supplementary information be requested from the complainant to ascertain the situation of the alleged victim of the violation, and that another request be made for the corresponding information, with a 30-day extension of the period prescribed in Article 51 of the Regulations.

The Commission approved the recommendations of the rapporteur, and accordingly sent notes to the Government of Paraguay on November 12, 1970 and to the complainant on November 23, 1970, requesting the complainant to supply information on the present status of the case, and requesting the Government to supply the information that had been requested in the notes of July 12, 1968 and February 14, 1969.

At its Twenty-fifth Session (March 1971), the Commission observed that the Government of Paraguay still had not replied to the notes sent to it. It also considered the note from the complainant dated November 16, 1970 in which he reported that efforts were being made to bring the complaint up to date.

On the basis of the rapporteur's recommendation, the Commission decided to file this communication in view of the lack of information for its study without prejudice to reopening of the case if the supplementary information were received from the complainant within a reasonable time.