Center and Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Launch Third-Annual Congressional Human Rights Summer Series

This June, the Center, in conjunction with the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, launched the third-annual Congressional Human Rights Summer Series, in which professors from the Washington College of Law brief congressional staffers and interns on topics related to human rights law.

The series was kicked off on June 16 by Center Executive Director Hadar Harris, who hosted a talk titled “What are Human Rights and Why do they Matter?” that introduced the Congressional staff to human rights law, outlined the major treaty obligations of the United States, and discussed challenges and opportunities ahead.

On July 9, more than 140 Congressional staffers from 67 Senate and House offices, as well as interns from the Library of Congress and Department of State, attended the second lecture of the series. The hearing room was filled to capacity as the standing-room-only crowd heard WCL professor Rick Wilson give his talk, titled "Exploring Intersections of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law."

The third installment of the series will take place on Monday, August 4 with Prof. Steve Vladeck providing an introduction to National Security Law. A full schedule of the briefings can be found here.