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Terms and Conditions


1. Submissions plagiarized in whole or in part shall automatically be disqualified. For the purposes of the 2014 International Humanitarian Law Student Writing Competition, plagiarism is defined as "the act or an instance of copying or stealing another's words or ideas and attributing them as one's own" (as defined by Black's Law Dictionary). Examples of plagiarism include, but are not limited to: 1) verbatim copying of another’s written or spoken work, in whole or in part, without the use of quotation marks and attribution and 2) failure to cite the paraphrasing of another’s thoughts or ideas so as to pass them off as one's own.

2. The Organizers reserve the right to re-publish the winning articles for two years following the date of the author’s notification of winning the Competition. The Organizers reserve the right to publish them in a written or electronic format and to disseminate them as judged appropriate. Upon the expiration of this right, the Organizers shall seek permission from the author to re-publish the article.

3. All submissions must be, in substaintial part, on the theme "International Humanitarian Law and Emerging Technologies." For the purposes of this competition, international humanitarian law means that area of international law that regulates the conduct of armed hostilities or armed conflict. The Organizers reserve the right to determine at their own discretion whether or not submissions fall within the scope of this theme. Submissions that fall outside the scope of this theme will not be considered.

4. In the event a situation arises that is not included herein, the Organizers will resolve it at their own discretion and will inform the participants thereof

5. Application for the competition presupposes acceptance of the terms described herein.


1. The Organizers will announce the winning authors in late March via the Organizers’ website (www.WCLCenterforHR.org).

2, The Organizers will contact the winning authors immediately to make the necessary arrangements for the online conference presentation.