Teaching International Humanitarian Law Initiative

The Teaching International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Initiative is a multi-pronged project to expand and support the teaching and study of IHL among both students and professors. In 2007, the Center, together with the International Committee of the Red Cross Regional Delegation to the US and Canada (ICRC), published a ground-breaking study which documented how International Humanitarian Law (IHL) is taught in law schools throughout the United States. The study concluded that student demand in law schools for IHL courses is high, but law faculty are in need of better resources, training opportunities, materials and support to expand the teaching of this subject.

In response, the Center and the ICRC established a periodic Teaching IHL Workshop to address these needs and to provide an opportunity for professors to think creatively about their teaching of IHL, to network with and support each other, and to collaborate to create scholarship and better educate the next generation of lawyers working on issues of IHL. In addition, the Center sponsors an annual IHL Student Writing Competition conjunction with the American Society of International Law (ASIL). As part of the overall initiative, the Center is also developing a resource guide, a summer institute for policymakers and a series of course teaching modules to be widely distributed as resources. The project has had a significant impact in a short time in helping to expand the core of law teachers interested and knowledgeable about IHL.

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