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Alexandra Arango

Alexandra graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Psychology. She was raised in Cali, Colombia and completed part of her high school education in Nemours, France. After her undergraduate program, she worked in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip for CARE International and the Association for International Development Agencies (AIDA). She stayed in Gaza to begin working in what she is truly passionate about- Humanitarian Mine Action, which is the removal landmines and unexploded ordnance. Alexandra worked in Gaza for Mines Advisory Group (MAG) a British NGO that clears remnants of conflict for the benefit of communities affected by war. She also worked for MAG in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Libya, training local teams on how to identify areas with explosives and how to provide risk education for affected communities in order to decrease potential accidents. Alexandra’s legal interest includes munitions policy and practice; rights of refugees and internally displaced people; and land reform.

Jake Brody

Jake graduated from the College of William & Mary in 2012 with a BA in Hispanic Studies and Sociology. He first became interested in the right to health and human rights in high school when he began a fund to collect blood-glucose testing supplies for children with Type 1 Diabetes in rural Tanzania. As an undergraduate, Jake was a member of Medical Aid Nicaragua: Outreach Scholarship (MANOS) for three years. As a member of MANOS, Jake studied participatory action development and ethnography in Cuje, Nicaragua. He also spent a summer on the Eastern Shore of Virginia researching access to healthcare amongst migrant farm workers and was a farm hand in upstate New York during the summer before his senior year. Jake’s legal interests include international public health, corporate accountability, and development aid.


Diana Damschroder

Diana graduated from Miami University in 2008 with a B.A. in International Studies. As an undergraduate, she studied abroad in Australia where she was exposed to the many struggles of Aborigines, a struggle Native Americans similarly experience here. After returning to the U.S., Diana realizedmore than everthe need andimportanceof building a domestic human rights movement and bringing international human rights law home. After graduation, Diana held positions at Service Employees International Union and Change That Works supporting grassroots movements in the passage of progressive legislation, including health care reform. Most recently, as the Human Rights Award Manager at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, Diana worked in partnership with human rights defenders around the world and researched domestic human rights issues.At WCL, Diana is a staff writer for theHuman Rights Brief,covering North America, Central America, and theCaribbean.


Christa Elliot

Christa graduated from UMass Amherst in 2009 with a BA in Theater. Following college, she worked as an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) tutor with three through six-year-old children on the autism spectrum before serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Eastern Caribbean. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, she established two primary school libraries and taught classes in both remedial reading and dance. Christa covers the European region for the Human Rights Brief and plans to pursue a career in human rights law.


Rahma Hussein

Although always perplexed when asked where she's from, Rahma likes to think of herself as a denizen of the world rather than a legal alien. Rahma graduated from the University of Chicago, receiving her BA in Political Science and International Studies in 2009.During her undergraduate studies, Rahma held internships at the Conflict Management Division of the Peace and Security Council at the African Union, in addition to UNESCO. She continued her interest in peace and conflict resolution and humanitarian affairs while working at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in New York after graduating. Her sense of wanderlust and desire to have more of a tangible impact led her to Rwanda, where she spent nearly two years working as a Project Coordinator in the human rights NGO, African Rights. As a project coordinator, Rahma conducted field research on the protection of survivors, as well continued investigations into suspects and perpetrators that have since fled the country by liaising with both local and international prosecutors.


Kaitlin McKenzie

Kaitlin graduated cum laude from The George Washington University with a B.S. in Public Health. While studying at George Washington, she was Chapter Leader of the Student Global AIDS Campaign and a member of Alpha Phi Omega. Kaitlin spent the summer of 2008 conducting a needs assessment on a rural health clinic in Butare, Rwanda. Kaitlin also studied abroad in Cairo, Egypt at the American University in Cairo in Fall 2008. She then went on to earn her Masters in Public Health from Emory University, with a concentration in Global Health. While completing her Masters, Kaitlin interned for two years at the Immigrant, Refugee, and Migrant Health Branch in the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.