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AU Student Human Rights Collaboration Committee: FAQs

What is the AU Student Human Rights Collaboration Committee?

Answer: The AU Student Human Rights Collaboration Committee (SHRCC) is a group organized by the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law to facilitate, support, coordinate and encourage initiatives related to human rights throughout the American University campus. SHRCC’s purpose is to make the whole of human rights at AU much greater than the sum of its parts - and to make learning about, advocating for and living human rights a community-wide endeavor at AU!

Who are the members of the SHRCC?

Answer: The SHRCC will consist of two representatives, ideally one undergraduate and one
graduate student, from each of the AU schools and colleges. This would include:

- College of Arts and Sciences
- Kogod Business School
- School of Communication
- School of International ServicE
- School of Professional and Extended Studies
- School of Public Affairs
- Washington College of Law

Why should I want to be on the SHRCC?

Answer: SHRCC reps will take on key leadership roles within their respective schools, and will also represent their school in this unique campus-wide body. They will bring their school to SHRCC - and bring SHRCC back into their school. The SHRCC experience will be a mutually beneficial one - while SHRCC reps will commit to creating and facilitating human rights programming around the campus, SHRCC reps will also be provided with special opportunities to meet, interact and network with AU human rights faculty and visiting speakers/practitioners from off-campus; to attend special workshops to enhance real-world skills which are key to being a human rights activist (like grant proposal writing or media relations); and to interact with and learn from some of the most committed human rights activists on campus. Not to mention - it’s a pretty awesome resume builder!!!

What is the SHRCC going to do?

Answer: The SHRCC will help develop and coordinate campus-wide human rights activities (including activities in support of the Human Rights Film Series in the Fall, and a week of human rights activities in the Spring). It will help coordinate and manage an integrated outreach strategy to publicize events and activities (including upgrading and managing the “Human Rights @ AU” portal and calendar). The most exciting part of what SHRCC will do is to figure out what else the reps can dream up to help promote and expand human rights at AU!!!

What kind of a time commitment is being on the SHRCC and what is the term?

Answer: One goal of the SHRCC is to create a cohesive group of activists from across the campus who will work together to promote human rights at AU. The SHRCC will meet every two weeks in order to foster and build relationships and to coordinate activities. The SHRCC term will run from May to April the following year. Summer work will be minimal. There’s lots to do, but the workload will come from what the group decides to take on and how they organize themselves.

Do I need to be in DC over the summer for SHRCC meetings?

Answer: No! The SHRCC will have limited work over the summer (maybe a few Google hangouts and some emails) but SHRCC reps are recruited in late Spring so that they can hit the ground running in the Fall.

What are the criteria for selection?

Answer: The stuffy answer is: students will be evaluated based on their proven leadership capabilities and commitment to serving as effective advocates for human rights across campus and within their respective schools. But let’s get real: first and foremost, you need to want to lead human rights efforts at AU! Show us your vision, your commitment, your experience, your energy, your enthusiasm! Tell us what you want to do with SHRCC and why! How will you bring it to your school? Have you done human rights work before (academic, professional, volunteer or other)? Show us what you’ve got!

Where does the SHRCC live?

Answer: SHRCC lives everywhere! The SHRCC is a coordinated initiative across all of American University with the support of all AU Deans and the Provost. The Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law will coordinate and support the SHRCC.

Who is eligible to be a SHRCC rep?

Answer: All AU undergraduate or graduate students who will be enrolled from May 2013 - April 2014.

Question: How do I apply? When are applications due?

Answer: Applications can be downloaded from the Center’s website: www.WCLCenterforhr.org and are due to Program Coordinator Whitney Hayes by 5:00 PM EST on Monday, April 22, 2013. Please email all submissions to whayes@wcl.american.edu.