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Welcome to the Center's new hub for all things human rights at WCL. Soon, you'll find a comprehensive list of courses on human rights and humanitarian law topics from across the University, regular reflections on human rights events, issues and experiences by WCL students, including our very own Student Advisory Board (SAB), and our forthcoming Student Guide to Human Rights at WCL!

In the meantime, check out American University's very own human rights student resource, Human Rights @ AU.

Student Perspectives

Breaking Down Barriers to Enforcing Human Rights Law in the United States

By Jackie Zamarripa ’14        

As I faced the 14-foot border wall in Brownsville, Texas, I realized how this divider is symbolic of the little progress we have made with immigration and border issues. Walls are outdated barriers that offer the impression of security and safety to its citizens by limiting entry of foreign objects and people. However, the border wall separating Mexico from the United States has stretches of mile-long gaps and represents a simplistic way of thinking to a more complicated problem. Looking at the wall from both sides tells a story of two very different societies. I witnessed the reality of low-income Texans in desperate need of legal help with Texas RioGrande Legal Aid this summer, and it has opened my eyes to an unbelievable and humbling experience.


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