Rwanda Commemoration Project: Genocide In Our Time

Suggested Topics of Discussion

  • Rwanda: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (A Historical Look at Rwanda's Political Landscape)
  • Sudan, Congo & Chechnya: Looming Genocides in the World Today
  • Surviving Genocide: A Survivor's Story
  • The International Community's Role in Preventing Genocide
  • The Justification of the Rwandan Invasion of Congo
  • The Role of Non-State Actors in Genocide
  • Accountability: War Crimes Tribunals & Truth Commissions
  • The Gacaca Process
  • Local vs. International Justice
  • Hate Speech & Incitement
  • The Role of the Media in Inciting Violence
  • Chances for Reconciliation Following Mass Atrocity
  • Religion, Ethnicity & Genocide
  • The "Banality of Evil"
  • Neighbors & Friends: Saviors or Enemies?
  • The Role of Decolonization, Redrawing of Borders & the Division of Communities in Inciting Violence in Africa