Rwanda Commemoration Project: Genocide In Our Time

Sample Day of Programming

Throughout the Day:
Set up an information table in the lobby of the school with a Condolence Book available for members of the community to sign. Provide information about the Genocide on the table. Draw attention to the table with a large poster or display nearby and by playing appropriate music. Keep a memorial candle burning throughout the day. Staff the table with members of various student groups and faculty.

Lunch time:
Organize a speaker to discuss the history and modern implications of the Rwandan genocide at a brown-bag lunch or screen a film.

Hold a Memorial Ceremony led by the University Chaplain, students, faculty and community members. Bring the Condolence Book to the event and encourage more people to sign it. Read a sample of excerpts from the Condolence Book (if appropriate). Follow the commemoration with a panel discussion by experts discussing genocide, accountability and reconciliation. Publicize the event widely and invite the public.