Rwanda Commemoration Project: Genocide In Our Time

The following checklist is provided to help make it as easy as possible for you to plan events marking the 10th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. Please be sure to share your events with Remembering Rwanda which is compiling a list of events held all around the world.

Download the Sample Event Checklist (rtf)

Planning Your Event
  • What is the goal of the event?
  • Who is/are our target audience(s)?
  • Define what a "successful" event would look like
  • Think of an appropriate (& catchy) title
  • If you are inviting speakers, who will you invite?
  • Create a budget
  • Identify sources of funding & contact them; draft a proposal, break event down into fundable parts (air travel, printing, honorarium)
Marketing & Publicity
  • Create & distribute posters, flyers, invitations
  • Post event info on your website
  • Invite constituencies who are in your target audience
  • Contact other groups & organizations to ask for their help in getting the word out to interested persons
  • Post event information on email listserves (e.g.:,
  • Write a press release & send out to local & /or national media
  • Make follow up calls to members of the media to encourage them to attend & report on the event.
  • Consider advertising in a newspaper
  • Contact the Remembering Rwanda Project to post your event:
  • Send invitations to targeted organizations that work on related subjects
  • Enlist volunteers to help you with event
  • Invite & confirm speakers
  • Collect speakers' biographical information
  • Choose & confirm a venue/space/room of appropriate size & accessibility
  • Will there be food? If so, create a menu & order & confirm food
  • Compile materials to be distributed at the event (e.g. background info, brochures, sign-up sheets)
  • Create name tags for participants & tent cards for speakers
  • Will you need interpreters, translators?
  • Write an evaluation questionnaire to distribute at event
  • Determine the audio/visual needs of the event & confirm the arrangements
Post-Event Follow Up
  • Write a summary of event (you can use it for internal summary of activities, website, future marketing)
  • Send thank-you emails & letters to speakers, funders, volunteers
  • Evaluate event internally (how was it? what went well/poorly?)
  • Analyze evaluations from attendees & participants
  • Update website, including adding summary of event & removing old information
  • Follow up with funders by sending them a final report & evaluation of the event