Human Rights in the U.S.

The Program on Human Rights in the U.S. strives to promote the incorporation of international human rights norms, language, and strategies into the work of advocates on behalf of marginalized and vulnerable communities in the U.S. Working in close partnership with leading NGOs and other practitioners promoting human rights, the Center seeks to enhance the understanding of human rights law and the ways that it can be applied in social justice work in the U.S.

Local Human Rights Lawyering Project
The Center’s Local Human Rights Lawyering Project, funded by the Ford Foundation, works with legal aid attorneys and public defenders to promote human rights at the local level in the U.S. by providing research tools, trainings, and guidelines for incorporating human rights into everyday work.

Interdisciplinary Training of Human Rights Practitioners in the U.S.

The Center has held a variety of trainings for U.S. practitioners on human rights–related topics spanning several legal fields, such as immigrants’ rights, criminal justice, disability rights, racial profiling, juvenile justice, human rights and the global economic crisis, housing rights, and more.

Shaping the Discussion on Human Rights in the U.S
The Center been a leading force in shaping the global conversation on emerging human rights issues in the U.S. A significant number of the Center's robust program of conferences and events focus on U.S. human rights issues.

Human Rights Brief Featured Articles
The Human Rights Brief, a student-run publication of the Center, regularly provides coverage and legal analysis of U.S. human rights issues and current events.