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Student Experiential Learning Initiatives

The Center supports student’s efforts to organize alternative winter and spring break trips in the hopes of providing interesting and engaging hands-on learning and community service opportunities for WCL students.

Alternative Break Trips to New Orleans and the U.S.-Mexico Border

Since Spring 2006, more than 300 WCL students have gone down to New Orleans and Mississippi to volunteer in the rebuilding efforts and to support local attorneys working on important civil rights issues related to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. WCL students have also organized alternative spring break trips to the U.S.-Mexico border where they get an opportunity to better understand particular legal issues related to immigration and human trafficking by engaging with social justice advocates and community leaders.

Learn more about past Alternative Break trips.

Experiential Learning Projects

In an effort to cultivate new perspectives for students on human rights at home, the Center sponsors a series of semester-long Experiential Learning Projects for WCL students. These projects seek to take students out of the classroom and into the local community to learn about different perspectives on vital human rights issues in the area. Past projects have explored Detention Policy, Educational Racism, Environmental Justice in the Anacostia Watershed and the Process of “Becoming American.”

Learn more about past Experiential Learning Projects.