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Inter-Disciplinary Training of Human Rights Practioners

For the past decade, the Center has held an array of trainings and workshops for social justice activists from around the United States focused on particular topics in human rights. Trainings have focused on immigrants’ rights, criminal justice, juvenile justice, disability rights, racial profiling, human rights and the global economic crisis, housing rights and more. Where possible, the Center has also included the perspectives of practitioners from around the world to share with US-based practitioners.

In 2006, the Center held one of the first trainings at the United Nations for advocacy at the UN Human Rights Committee. That training was held in collaboration with the ACLU, Global Rights, Columbia University and the US Human Rights Network. In addition, Center staff has participated in trainings held in various parts of the country through collaborations with partner organizations.

More information about the Center’s program of trainings is available upon request.


Past Trainings and Workshops

Center Convenes Experts to Assess Next Steps for Recent Baltimore City Council Resolution Declaring Freedom from Domestic Violence is a Fundamental Human Right