2013 Speak Truth To Power Human Rights Teaching Fellows Program
*New* Submission Deadline: March 25, 2013 at 12:00pm

Ten WCL students will be selected as 2013 Speak Truth to Power Human Rights Teaching Fellows to participate in an intensive one-semester human rights education training seminar entitled Human Rights Education: Theory to Practice. The project is a collaboration between the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Center) and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (RFKC). The Fellows participate in a one-semester seminar focused on effective techniques for teaching human rights, deepening knowledge about core human rights issues, and reflecting on the use of various mechanisms to communicate human rights issues. Fellows also work in in pairs to fulfill weekly teaching assignments in local high schools during the Fall semester. Finally, law students collaborate with local high school teachers to develop appropriate lesson plans for their in-class work, and the high school teachers focus on integrating these lessons into their broader curriculum.


The course will examine different entry points for teaching certain human rights topics—such as genocide, civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights, and transitional justice concepts—and will provide law students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively discuss and advocate for certain categories of rights with varied audiences. The primary purpose of this course is to introduce law students to core pedagogies for teaching and learning human rights and to provide them with practical experience teaching human rights topics in local middle and high schools, basing their lessons on the highly acclaimed Speak Truth To Power human rights curriculum. A basic knowledge of human rights and/or international law is presumed.

In addition to readings and lectures exploring different human rights pedagogies, the course will include significant interactive and experiential exercises involving role-playing and simulation, discussions rooted in human rights and international law concepts, cases and norms, and weekly teaching obligations throughout the semester in local middle or high schools.


WCL students selected as 2013 STTP Human Rights Teaching Fellows will receive three (3) credits. All participating students will also be required to attend a one-day orientation program with human rights experts and education specialists from WCL and RFKC prior to the start of the Fall semester.


The course is open to all upper-level JD students and LLM students at WCL. Students will be required to have taken at least one core human rights or international law course as a pre- or co-requisite to be taken in the Fall 2013 semester concurrent with the STTP seminar. These include:

  • LAW-626-001 Human Rights (Prof. Martin, Prof. Rodriguez-Pinzon)
  • LAW-626-002 Human Rights Lawyering (Prof. Wilson)
  • LAW-660-001 International Law (Prof. Goldman)
  • LAW-660-002 International Law (Prof. Chuang; Prof. Orentlicher)
  • LAW-660-003 International Law (Prof. Méndez)
  • LAW-739B-001 Advanced Human Rights (Prof. Méndez)
  • LAW-795B-001 International Human Rights Advocacy (Prof. Purohit)
  • LAW-795LH-001 Impact Litigation in International Human Rights: Theory & Practice (Prof. Saez)


To apply, please submit your resume and a completed the application form, which can be downloaded here, to with the subject line “STTP Human Rights Teaching Fellows Program Application” no later than 12:00pm on Monday, March 25, 2013. Late applications will not be considered. Accepted students will be informed prior to pre-registration on April 9th.