Human Rights in Business Program (HRIBP)

The Human Rights in Business Program (HRIBP) is dedicated to promoting respect of the human rights of people affected by business activities around the world. We believe that business practices and human rights must be brought into alignment, and that business success depends on embedding respect of human rights into the core of corporate culture. HRIBP advances human rights in businesses through applied and policy relevant research on key human rights and business issues, and support of practical initiatives focused on actively channeling business activities to positively impact on human rights. All those affected must be part of the solution. Therefore, HRIBP works in a collaborative fashion with businesses and their stakeholders, providing a neutral convening space to identify common ground on means to improve governance and foster rights-respecting business practices.

The Program's core project is the Accountability for the Security Sector in Risk Environments (ASSURE) project. ASSURE seeks to foster respect for human rights by private military and security companies operating around the world through strategic engagement with industry leaders and key stakeholders in government, civil society, and academia. As a global industry operating in complex environments, private security companies and their stakeholders have had to identify means to address pressing human rights challenges and fill the governance gaps left by home and host states unwilling or unable to regulate the industry. ASSURE’s objectives are to develop trainings to improve companies’ ability to adhere to standards and uphold human rights in their operations; to identify best practices in multi-stakeholder regulation and develop guidance for implementing elements of effective voluntary standards; and to conduct and disseminate policy and business relevant research to improve companies’ human rights compliance.

Program Highlights and Events

September 2016:

The Center's Human Rights in Business Program (HRIBP) is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a number of events on behalf of the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) from September 7-9, 2016 at AUWCL. ICAR is a coalition of human rights, environmental, labor, and development organizations that creates, promotes, and defends legal frameworks to ensure corporations respect human rights in their global operations. On Wednesday, September 7 an all-day workshop will examine States’ efforts to develop National Action Plans to ensure responsible corporate conduct, and a half day event will focus to parent company accountability for the operations of subsidiaries around the world. ICAR’s annual meeting will be held on Thursday and Friday, and already a record number of over 100 participants from NGOs and academia from around the world have registered. The annual meeting represents an important opportunity for advocates to share updates about their business and human rights work and to strategize for the coming year. HRIBP looks forward to ongoing work with ICAR to include hosting a roundtable discussion as soon as the U.S. National Action Plan for responsible business conduct is released, likely in October.

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