Human Rights in Business Program (HRIBP)

The Human Rights in Business Program (HRIBP), a new project of the Center for Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, is devoted to the promotion of human rights and justice for people adversely affected by business and economic activity around the world. Remedying the harms inflicted upon people and communities, bringing those responsible to account, and devising long-term solutions that embed human rights into the core of corporate culture are only possible if all those affected are part of the solution. HRIBP aims to build the capacities of business to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner, of civil society to advocate for human rights and environmental protections, and of governments to create and execute effective public policies.

The Program has two core projects in development: Accountability for the Security Sector in Risk Environments (ASSURE) and the Financial Humanity Project (FHP). ASSURE seeks to foster rights respecting behavior by private military and security companies operating around the world through strategic engagement with industry leaders and key stakeholders in government, civil society, and academia. FHP seeks to improve access to affordable food to those at greatest risk of hunger resulting from uncontrolled speculation in global commodity investments. Both programs are aimed towards ensuring that these growing markets—private security and global commodity investments—operate with greater emphasis on respect for human rights, adjusting their practices to reduce and eliminate harm done to associated populations.

More details can be found at the Program ’s website,