Past Projects

For over 20 years, the Center has been providing unique training opportunities for legal practitioners, academics, activists and students to explore cutting-edge issues in the development of human rights and humanitarian law. Learn more about some of our past projects below:

Financial Humanity Project

Colombia-U.S. Human Rights Teaching and Research Partnership Program (2012-2015)

Local Human Rights Lawyering Project (2011-2014)

Program on Human Trafficking and Forced Labor (2009-2012)

WCL/University of Peshawar Collaborative Exchange & Capacity-Building Program (2006-2011)

Student Experential Learning Initiatives (2006)

Genocide Teaching Project (2004-2008)

Rwanda Commemoration Project (2004)

Gender in Legal Education in India (2003-2006)

Indigenous Rights Training Institute (2003)

Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competitions (1995-2005)