Anti-Torture Initiative

The Center is working with the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture (SRT), WCL Professor Juan Méndez, to support his mandate and to engage in follow-up activities to expand and deepen the impact of his work around the world.  The SRT’s work includes, but is not limited to, conducting country visits, responding to individual complaints, researching and writing thematic reports and issuing statements on issues of concern when warranted.  The SRT also transmits urgent appeals to States regarding anyone reported to be at risk of torture.

As part of this work, the Center has created the Anti-Torture Initiative (ATI) to expand the strategies used by the SRT to support implementation of SRT recommendations, to monitor and assess implementation efforts, and to provide a model for effective in-country follow-up.  Using a series of visits, commissioned in-country research, follow-up visits by the SRT and ongoing outreach tools, the ATI project, funded by the OAK Foundation, seeks to more directly engage with stakeholders in-country to create long-term, sustainable impact and increased accountability.  In addition, the project attempts to expand the outreach capacity of the SRT, increasing the impact of the SRT’s research, reports, and recommendations on torture through an expanded, diversified and targeted outreach strategy.

Please visit the Anti-Torture Initiative's website.

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