Action for Human Rights: Spring 2006

Action for Human Rights Coffee Hour

Every Wednesday
6th Floor Student Lounge
Action For Human Rights sponsors early morning coffee hours for students, faculty and staff interested in human rights to come and share fair trade coffee and tea, bagels and donuts, ideas and inspiration. The weekly Coffee Hours provide a forum for announcements (at 8:50am & 9:30am), recruitment, campaign information - and a great place to get to know others interested in human rights.

Experiential Learning Project

Action for Human Rights' Experiential Learning Project (ELP) takes students from the classroom into the field to interact with the real people that live the issues we often discuss in the law school classroom. Our goal is to humanize the learning experience, complicate participants' understanding of an issue, and charge learning with transformative potential.

Spring 2006 Project:

The Working Poor and the Living Wage in the United States

This Experiential Learning Project (E.L.P.) will offer the opportunity to learn more about the Americans who are working for low wages, advocates who are campaigning for living wages and those who are opposed to raising the minimum wage. One out of four workers in the United States holds a job that pays less than $8.70 per hour while many experts estimate that it takes double that amount for families to make ends meet. Many organizations are lobbying Congress and local governments to increase the minimum wage, currently $5.15 per hour, to a living wage, generally an amount that would allow a person working forty hours a week, the ability to afford necessities. There is some controversy as to whether living wage regulations actually help the poor. Some economists contend that mandating a living wage shrinks the labor market and makes the least skilled workers less employable. For more information, please contact Sutton Meagher at suttonmeagher@gmail.comor Fatema Merchant at

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