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Who's at the Center?

The Center is directed by Professor Macarena Sáez, and Melissa C. del Aguila as Assistant Director. The Center has eight faculty co-directors and a Student Advisory Board chosen each year from among current WCL students to offer important student insight and help organize and carry out events, activities and other projects.

For more information on the Center's faculty co-directors and full-time staff members, please see the bios below. Click here to learn more about our current Student Advisory Board.

Faculty Co-Directors

Macarena Sáez

Robert Goldman

Claudio Grossman

David Hunter

Juan Méndez

Diane Orentlicher

Herman Schwartz

Richard Wilson

Center Staff

Melissa C. del Aguila
Assistant Director

Andra Nicolescu
Assistant Project Director, Anti-Torture Initiative

Rebecca DeWinter-Schmitt
Director, Human Rights in Business Program

Anastassia Fagan
Program Coordinator